In the history of our society, the 16th year of its foundation will remain a Hallmark. In this year, on 05-12-1952, the foundation stone of the building of Anglo Urdu High School was placed after the Friday prayers at the auspicious hands of Qibla Mohtaram Maulana Hafiz Ahmed Randeri and Qibla Mohataram Maulana Hafiz Saleh Saheb.


The Managing Committee of the society formed the construction committee, nominating the following gentlemen as members,namely:
1) Janab Sheth Qasimmiyan Maniyar Saheb
2) Janab Sheth Hafiz Umar Maniyar Saheb
3) Janab Saiyed Azimuddin Munadi Saheb
4) Janab A. Majeed Zariwala Saheb
5) Janab Haji AbdulQadir Zardoz Saheb.


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